Transmission Rebuilding-3 years / Unlimited Mileage Warranty

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Transmission Rebuilding-3 years / Unlimited Mileage Warranty

Transmission Rebuilding-3 years / Unlimited Mileage Warranty

For more than 10 years, Muffler Magic-Complete Car Care has become one of the most trusted experts in the diagnosis, service and maintenance of transmissions. Call us first. Before starting any repair, we will perform an extensive multi-point inspection on your transmission. An $85 value at no cost! And for over half the cars we service, we find only a minor repair is required. Call a competitor or local independent shop and they may quote you a price for a transmission that you may not need!

If your transmission does require repair, Muffler Magic will rebuild your transmission right, not install a cheap junkyard unit. We will back it with the 3 years / Unlimited Mileage warranty.

No Hassle Warranty – We Mean It. Really.

The Best Warranty in the Business

  • 3 years / Unlimited Mileage
  • Superior Technical Support
  • Immediate Replacements
  • Paid Labor
  • No Hassle Claims
  • Coast-to-Coast Nationwide Coverage

Your vehicle's transmission is a device that is connected to the back of the engine and sends power from the engine to the wheels. It allows you to easily shift your vehicle into drive, park, or reverse. Today's transmissions are made up of many components and systems that must work together fluently for your vehicle to operate properly. Components of your transmission include:

  • Planetary Gear Sets
  • Clutch Packs
  • One-Way Clutch
  • Bands
  • Torque Converter
  • Hydraulic System
  • Oil Pump
  • Valve Body
  • Computer Controls
  • Governor, Vacuum Modulator and Throttle Cable
  • Seals and Gaskets

When your transmission is in needs of an overhaul, one option is to have it rebuilt. Your transmission will be completely removed from your vehicle. Once it is out and disassembled, each part is carefully inspected and cleaned, if necessary. Even when being rebuilt, certain parts may still need to be replaced after inspection. After the necessary parts are repaired or replaced, the transmission is reassembled and installed back into your vehicle.

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